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The Hamster EA was created for my real account about two years ago, and over the course of that time, I have made continuous improvements and bug fixes to the EA while it has been in use. Unlike some other EAs, the Hamster EA does not rely on risky methods such as Martingale or grid trading.

It is capable of functioning across multiple charts, but can be activated for a single pair at a time. The pairs have been listed in the settings. However, please note that in order to backtest them, it is recommended to use data from 2015 onwards. Please be aware that a significant amount of memory will be required to perform this analysis.

The EA only receives orders at specific times, while the Hamster was not created with AI. However, the Hamster boasts a powerful and effective experience-based strategy

The broker must provide low spread and commission as well. for example for GBPCAD maximum spread should not be more than 3.5 pip (35 point). Some broker provide low spread but high commission which is not suitable for this EA, must be low both of them. 

The time zone of the VPS should be set to the local time of New York.

Some of the futures on the setting will not working on the backtest because MT4 does not support floating spread while you getting backtest of an EA.

Initial deposit: $50 (minimum deposit in a broker)

Recommended deposit: $300 and more

Time frame: M5


If your broker uses a suffix in their trading pairs, there’s no need to worry as the EA will automatically detect it. For example, if the broker provides GBPCAD.r instead of GBPCAD, simply open the chart for GBPCAD.r on your MT4 platform and run the EA on that chart.

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