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It is the best I have seen. Efficient tactic auto lot with profitability fully automatic, If you don’t know about Forex, don’t get involved. Don’t run, see, read, understand. If it doesn’t work, you’re in a bad broker. recommendation!! Spread 1 through 5, or raw accounts. I changed the broker until I found the right one. The program has to be on 24 hours, if you don’t like having your PC on, rent quality VPS.”

Liam Williams


I’ve been using this robot for a month now and it has generated about 75% of profits. The author is very helpful and always up to date with information. Thank you so much to gitFlex for this amazing robot.”

Emma Mason


Really good EA!!! I started to use it in mid-April and it closed the month with 18% profit.
Somethings worth mention. If you are using this EA and you still have open trades you don’t have either profit or loss. You only have losses or profits after the trades are closed. My closed trades for the month of April closed with 100% profit..”

George Johnson