Incorporating an image of quality and good taste to this small piece of paper, as well as a well-crafted and creative design will significantly increase the perceived quality of your accounting services. Likewise, an accountant’s business card with a poorly designed or lacklustre design can convey the idea of ​​amateurism and lack of quality.



What should an accountant’s business card say?

Among the most important tips for making a business card for an accountant is using both sides of the card. By using both sides, you attract more attention and gain more space for your information. And the more well-distributed the information, the greater the return.

On one side of the business card you can display your office logo and the other side can be used for your contacts and information, such as name, email, title, address, among others. Use all spaces on the business card. The slightly more expensive print price will pay off, you’ll see.

See some important information that cannot be left out of your business card:

  • Name
  • Logo
  • E-mail
  • Cargo
  • Telephone
  • website address
  • Physical address

Invest in creative design. Have a business card that stands out!

Here are some business card design options that you, the accountant, can incorporate to get away from standardization and stand out:

Rounded corners – They are made with special knives that cut your cards leaving the corners rounded. This makes them much softer and more aesthetically pleasing, less aggressive.

Matte lamination  – It works as a kind of laminate that hides the imperfections of the paper and also gives it greater resistance, making it firmer, harder to tear and resistant to moisture.

Localized UV Varnish  – Instead of applying the varnish all over the card, leaving it shining completely, choose to apply only in a few details. This varnish leaves a small relief, giving it even more prominence. In conjunction with matte lamination, it creates an interesting contrast of bright areas versus matte areas.

PVC Plastic – Business cards can be printed on a variety of materials, including plastic. Create a translucent design and convey the idea of ​​modern and different.

Special papers  – Papers can have different textures, shines, colours and even convey concepts, as in the case of recycled ones. Some papers are produced almost by hand and have non-traditional elements in their composition, such as vegetable peel or metallic shavings. Use this to your advantage and perfect your business card design.


When making your accountant business card, look for a qualified professional

As much as you have great ideas, don’t risk doing everything yourself. A qualified designer will know exactly how to get your ideas out of mind and build your material in the best way possible to achieve the expected results.