When opening a business, entrepreneurs pay attention to everything, but they almost always forget the importance of visual identity. It consists of the set of design elements that visually represent an enterprise, such as colours, logo, website layout and product packaging design. And researches prove: investing in a company’s visual identity is investing in business success.

Why does the visual identity make you stand out?

According to a study carried out by the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV), investing in the quality of a project’s visual identity is far from being futile: according to the survey, which involved interviews with entrepreneurs in the areas of transport, construction, home appliances, sports equipment, among other sectors, the creation of a quality visual identity is a strategic element for a business to win the market. This is due to the fact that people associate the quality of a company’s service and/or products with the image it presents. Thus, if the visual elements of your business are of low quality, customers will understand that the solution you offer is also of low quality.


In addition, after investing in visual identity, entrepreneurs saw their businesses conquer new audiences and increase revenue. According to the survey, in the furniture sector, for example, 83% of companies became more competitive in the market. In the fashion and accessories industry, the rates reach 95% when it comes to winning new customers.

Now that you know why you invest in the quality of your business design, find out what are the 5 essential elements for you to stand out in the market with your company’s visual identity.

Visual identity: create your own and stand out in the market

A company’s visual identity is made up of several elements, and five of them are essential: logo, stationery, business cards, promotional materials and website layout. Each one has specific characteristics that often involve other fundamental elements related to the visual identity. For the success of your business, you must pay attention to them:


As it is responsible for the first visual impression of your business on the market, the logo differentiates your idea from competitors and helps your company gain recognition from your audience, in addition to conveying an image of credibility to customers.

Due to its importance for the visual identity of a business, the logo of your company or product needs to be created with quality professionals. In addition, you need to think about other details:

  • Do you already have the name of your project?  An original name gives your business personality and conveys to the public the main concept of your business.
  • Have you thought about the colours and typeface you want in your logo?
  • What image do you want your audience to have of your project?

To think about these details, specialized designers make all the difference.

Visit cards

The business card is a kind of invitation for your customers to know more about your business and the solutions you offer. It usually includes your name, company logo, the position you hold, and your business contacts such as phone number, email, and website address.

By creating your business card in a trustworthy company, you will have the proper support to think about some details such as:

  • What will be the shape and size of your business card?
  • How will the content be distributed on your card?
  • Will it have a matte or glossy lamination?
  • What colours and letters will you use?

Promotional materials

Creating flyersfolders and banners are key elements for building the visual identity of your project. If you create them with objective textual content and quality design, they can help communicate your business with customers, indicating to the public why your company or product is better than the competition.

To create them, it is also important to think about what is your objective with this material. Do you want to sell a product? Capture new customers? Publicize a promotion? Setting your goals is critical.

Stationery Items

Stationery items are fundamental in the visual identity of a business, mainly because they can also act as a way to publicize the project. If your company has calendars and pens with a creative, modern and innovative design, you will attract customers’ attention and show, in a different way, the quality of your business. To be in line with the business’ visual identity, it is important that the layout respects the company’s colour palette, as well as the standard typography.

Layout of Sites

When you need a product or service, you readily look for it on the internet, right? This is a habit common to many people. Therefore, realize the immense potential that your business will have if it can be found on the web. However, having a website is not enough: you must have a website that is accessible to the public. A messy layout turns customers off and compromises potential sales your business could make. Yours needs to be simple, objective, but aesthetically interesting. Therefore, in order to reconcile these requirements and take advantage of your business’ full potential in the virtual environment, investing in a professional layout is essential.