produce content

To have an efficient digital presence it is necessary to produce content. This is the initial step that will serve for all the other items that we will mention throughout this post.

Content production can range from writing an article for your blog to producing a video to post on social media. It is an essential part of the digitization process and will be part of most platforms you will explore in this process.

Creativity is an important requirement in this regard. Thinking about new things to engage your audience and win customers is a positive point for your digital strategy. Rich content like infographics, guides, and more are great ways to have an effective digital presence.

Building partnerships and seeking referrals is also a great idea. As in the offline market, having a good relationship with companies linked to your business can help your company to be recognized on the internet.


Be on Social Media

Social networks are, without a doubt, the biggest trend nowadays. For your digital strategy to be successful, it is essential that you invest in having a presence on social media.

Which networks to invest?

Ideally, you should be present at all. To know which one you should invest more in, you need to know what the focus of each one is and where your target audience fits. The most used social networks are:

Work an efficient digital presence


Facebook is currently the most used social network in Brazil, reaching the mark of 127 million monthly users. In it you can use the most varied types of content (images, videos, texts, gifs) to create events, publish, follow partner companies, respond to comments and messages, interact with your audience, and so on.

Being present on Facebook is a real necessity for your company’s efficient digital presence, as there are all types of audiences there, of all ages, genders, social classes, and regions of the country. In addition, you have more direct contact and can speak specifically to your audience.

Create a page. This way, you’ll be able to put general information about your company and the product or service you offer, as well as have access to an analysis of how your audience is interacting with your page.


Instagram is a social network that is on the rise in the entrepreneurial market. In recent years it has grown a lot and perfected its tools for companies. According to Instagram’s own statistics, 80% of users follow at least one company.

The audience on the social network is usually younger. Users between 16 and 29 years old say they check Instagram more than once a day. This social network is exclusively for photos and videos. You can use the timeline, for posts that you want to stay fixed, or the stories for quick posts, which will be gone in 24 hours.

A good strategy for using Instagram is to present your company inside to your audience. Show people, work routine, the production behind the product, among other details. This way, you humanize your brand and get closer to your audience.


Unlike other networks, Twitter is a very agile social network. The focus of this network is texts of up to 280 characters (it is allowed to post images and videos, but it is not the purpose). As a result, the volume of publications is very large. While you are making a post, another 8 have already appeared above yours, in the same minute.

Also, the language on Twitter is very specific and quite informal. Some companies are successful cases with the social network, precisely because of their ability to dialogue with the public, knowing how to use this language through a character that represents the brand.

Let’s say that trends, topics and memes, for the most part, are born on Twitter. It is a great tool to have a relaxed, interactive and informal communication with the user.


YouTube is a platform that is growing more and more. Today, it is considered the second largest search engine on the internet, second only to Google. This shows that people are looking for the solution to their problems in the biggest video platform on the internet.

Videos are a trend, there’s no denying it. To mark your presence on YouTube, think of a strategy to solve your user’s doubts. You can talk more about your product, make quick tutorials or even institutional videos talking about your company. Anyway, it’s worth the creativity to succeed through the platform.


Just creating a page on each social network is not enough. For your presence on social networks to be really efficient, periodic publications are required. With this, the social network associates that you publish on such days and the reach of your posts will be greater.

A good strategy is to create an editorial line with the publications you intend to make and test it over a period of time, seeing what works and how the public interacts. The editorial line will help you to organize yourself and also to plan your content.

But remember: social media is constantly changing, as are the most talked about topics. Use the line as a guide, not a rule.

Tool Tips

Certain tools can be a handy tool in your social media content production routine. Some that might be helpful for you:

  • Buffer – Network publishing schedule
  • Canvas – Creation of arts and layouts
  • Unsplash – High-Quality Stock Images
  • Philipp – Emoji bank for all social networks
  • Flaticon – Icon bank

Create your website

Having your website is key to having an efficient digital presence

A very important step – if not the most important – to your efficient digital presence process is the creation of a website.

Website or Facebook Page?

A very frequent question is “if I already have a Facebook page, do I still need to create a website?”. Just a page on Facebook (or any other social network), as important as it is to your internet presence, is not enough.

Only one website can meet all your needs. In it you can enter all the information you need and it will be much easier for the customer to find what they are looking for.

To create your website, you need to define a few things, such as the type of website, how much you can invest, how long, the complexity of your information. All of this needs to be taken into consideration before you start the creation process.