At this point, you should use what most customers are looking for in your favor: perfection in detail! Business cards, folders, letterheads and presentation materials such as folders and brochures can become effective sales and prospecting tools. In fact, that’s what they were invented for. These materials should reflect all the seriousness and professionalism of your business. See how good design work can help you close more deals and gain new clients.


A professional design to win new customers

Imagine the following situation: the entrepreneur starts talking to a potential future client, they greet each other and he pulls out a clearly homemade business card, printed on the printer itself. Or even if it’s a business card done at a printer, but without a proper logo, just your name and address, clearly in dubious taste, made with no attention to detail. That’s it: what trust will he arouse in his client, if at such an important moment as the first impression he has already shown carelessness with this detail?

And when it comes to presenting your services? The entrepreneur goes on talking in his head, saying that he does this or that, that his structure is such, with so many employees and that his customers are these and those. He ends up forgetting some important examples and fails to show the relevance of an excellent client in the market and the total trust he places in his work. Wouldn’t it be much more professional to present a beautiful folder, with photos of its structure, a list of activities and competences and a list of its main clients, all of this very well diagramed and organized in a clear way?

How to organize your office stationery

In addition to these customer acquisition materials, your communication items include folders, envelopes, letterhead, etc. In the same way that a simple business card gives customers an impression of sloppiness, imagine sending a service proposal on plain paper, in a folder without any customization or logo. Again, everything can be lost because of an unattractive and unprofessional design.

Keep this in mind: design today will help to form the image of competence that customers expect.

Come on! What you need to provide:

* Logo (see examples on the side)

* Business card (for you and your team)

* Letterhead

* Pastas

* Envelopes

* Services folder

This is a basic kit, the minimum to start delighting customers who expect service as impeccable as yours!