we know that entrepreneurship is not easy. There are many taxes and bureaucracies involved and any slip can cause you to lose money. So, knowing how to manage your profit and, above all, your expenses, is essential to preserve the financial health and success of your business!

Considering that many entrepreneurs have difficulties in conducting their financial sector in a healthy way, and that comprehensive planning makes all the difference for the establishment’s growth, check out the following 5 essential tips for the future of a company’s financial health. 

Tips to maintain and improve your business’ health:

1. Financial planning is key to success

Financial planning should be almost a must for every entrepreneur. With it, the amounts to be received, expenses and, mainly, working capital are covered. In this sense, if well prepared, good planning , along with the budget, will free the company from future problems. That’s because, with it, the partners are aware of the integral reality and the best strategy to be applied in the business.


In addition to financial planning, it is essential to pay attention to the tax part. Good tax planning aims to reduce or even eliminate unnecessary taxes. With the fulfillment of only vital tax charges, further benefiting the company’s profit generation, while also preserving its financial health.

Like financial planning, this strategy can be used by any type of business. The analysis is carried out individually, which ensures accurate data collection, with revenue forecast, that is, gross revenue. Finally, consider looking for an accounting aid. Without a doubt, it can help you structure planning focused on the reality of your business.

2. Separate your assets

It is still extremely common for companies in which personal and business expenses are mixed, and this can become more confusing when there is more than one partner, causing the so-called equity confusion.

As a result, this mix in personal and legal finances disrupts cash flow, compromising corporate control and planning, and involves high business risks, for example, unbalanced financial health.

So, separate your assets, have a PJ account, where you will keep only the establishment’s expenses. Thus, you will ensure monetary control and the financial part will be up to date, avoiding the risk of wrongly rendering accounts, and you will only pay the necessary taxes, keeping your financial health up to date.

3. The power of the Emergency Fund

In principle, there are two causes that can seriously harm your income. In addition to financial crises, which are often unpredictable and can last for months at a time, there are also seasonal periods of low profit. In the meantime, the company has the possibility to prepare itself to minimize the loss of profit and not go into crisis . For this, the best way out is to create an emergency fund.

This reserve will help you with your expenses, such as paying off your payroll. Thus, the emergency fund aims to support and meet business needs in times of low working capital , where there are no conditions to sustain active operations.

There are several ways to make a reservation, ranging from fixed-income investments to savings, this will change according to your reality. The important thing is to create a “survival” fund of at least 3 months. This way, your company will be able to maintain itself and will have time to find solutions in the face of turbulent times.

4. Profit margin and more profitable products or services

Evaluate the products or services that bring the most revenue. For this, it is important to go deeper into your target audience and, mainly, to retain them. When we strengthen relationships, customers often bring us valuable information and solutions about consumer goods desires and improvements.


As unpredictable as it may seem, small actions can help increase your profit margin. The company can focus on launching an advertising campaign prioritizing the most profitable products and services or the ones that the public is most interested in, for example.

Therefore, when we talk about profit margin, you can invest in quantity or prioritize a higher profit. Everything will depend on the current moment and projection for the future.

Never forget that society is dynamic. New products are released every day. Therefore, it is extremely important to pay attention to the behavior of stakeholders and their interests.

5. Technology at the service of financial health

In recent years, the internet has dominated our lives. People are connected all the time, online sales and the use of technological resources are constantly on the rise.

As a result of the connection, this facility made digital sales take off, increasing cash flow and profits for companies. So, of course, your business can and should benefit from the online world as well.

Invest in the online store, you can start with profiles on Facebook or Whatsapp and later move to a website to promote products or services. Publishing your consumer goods on the internet will indeed bring more sales and expand your customer base.

The technology also brought the possibility of automating tasks, such as receiving immediate payments or even filling out invoices. With an accounting and financial management platform, the entrepreneur has access to data and optimizes manual processes, saving time and, consequently, money.

Benefits of a digital control platform:

– Security and organization of information;
– Control and monitoring of financial processes;
– Assertive and concrete data about your company;
– Productive Maximization;
– Cost reduction and time management.

In conclusion, preserving the financial health of the business depends on several factors and analyses, both internal and external. Actions and decisions must accompany the business objective.