tell what you came

Yes that’s right! Who are you? What do you have to offer? Why is it better than your competitor? Think about it before creating your business name. Seek identification between your business and the consumer, so that, when thinking about the product, he will soon associate it with your brand. This association should differentiate your company from the competition and establish an emotional relationship with the customer.

Be direct

Do you want your company name to be on the tip of your customers’ tongues? So don’t beat around the bush. Cobblestone and extremely unconstitutionally are definitely not good references when creating a company name. Prefer names that are short and easy to pronounce, and consequently, they will be quickly memorized by the audience. Names like that earn points with the parish, just remember brands like Pepsi, Ford, Gol, and so many others. Don’t forget that customers must pronounce your company name without stuttering. The creation of the name is one of the first steps in time to start a business.

Be modern today and always

Technological and market trends usually dictate the “fashion” and end up inspiring new entrepreneurs when choosing a company name. What often happens is that what was new at a certain time later becomes old, or even obsolete. Avoid fads and think ahead. Your company can perpetuate and the name should have the same prestige years later.

Be unique but not weird

Originality is different from “oddity”. Don’t scare your customers off at first sight. Creating a company name requires prudence. Be creative, unleash your imagination, but don’t want to play advertising king right now. A company like Google, which ended up turning its name into a verb, is a very rare exception, but it should serve as an inspiration. Certainly, the creator left the traditional and decided to innovate. For this, use several resources: ask for opinions, read about the subject, make relationships and write down everything that comes to your mind. Ideas sprout on paper, believe it!

Is it really mine?

Just as important as creating is making sure someone else hasn’t had this brilliant idea before. Check if the name is available nationally with the INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property) records.

Already know how to create your company name?

If you are already sure about the company name, don’t forget that the next step is to register and publicize it, along with the brand and the services and/or products that will be offered. Just as you were very careful when creating your company name, now is the time to use the marketing tools and make it known with the same attention and seriousness.

Now we want your opinion! What tips helped you create your business name?