Promote your business and save on 4 options


1. Relationship

How your brand and your product or service are viewed depends a lot on how you relate to your customers. To invest in a good relationship, you must be present at the relevant events in your field. Such events promote visibility and the chance to make a positive impression.

Also, investing in small events for your clients to socialize with is a great option. People, in general, like to interact with other people who share the same interests. At these events, you can offer small treats. It’s a great opportunity to get to know your target audience and present your product to those who are really interested.

2. Email Marketing

From the moment you get to know your customer better, you can invest in more individualized communication. However, be careful. Avoid sending emails that could be considered junk. In other words, invest in relevant content and not just your product offerings. Also, offer discounts for those who sign up to receive your newsletter.

Email marketing, when used wisely and cautiously, is an extremely useful tool. Because, in addition to helping in the customer loyalty process, it helps you plan actions at all times of purchase (for those who are ready to buy, those who are already a buyer, etc).

3. Social media

Brazil is among the countries whose inhabitants most use social networks. For this reason, abuse these tools. This is the fastest and easiest way to get in touch with a variety of people who might be interested in your product or service.

For this, be always present. Participate in forums, communities and always respond quickly to questions raised. Also, feed your blog and fan page frequently. Otherwise, instead of reinforcing your positive brand, the customer will be disappointed.

Feed the blog with relevant and engaging content using content marketing. Present topics that can be associated with your products and that your customers are interested in knowing. Thus, you will indirectly promote your brand, generating traffic to your website.

4. SMS messages

This is a cheaper way to present offers and promotions to your customers. Furthermore, it is possible to carry out different campaigns for each target audience (if you have more than one, for example). However, just like E-mail marketing, it is a tool that needs to be used with caution. Nobody likes getting irrelevant messages on their cell phone. Therefore, plan your campaigns based on research with your customers: understand their wants and needs and promotional offers based on this information.

Investing in marketing campaigns is essential for the success of any business. However, it is possible to carry them out without compromising your financial planning negatively. With these 4 tips, it is already possible to work on relationships, new customers, loyalty and, on top of that, generate relevant content.