14 Aug: What are shares? Explanation of shares

It is common to hear on the news information about the Stock Exchange, IPOs and other events related to the…

14 Aug: What types of stocks are on the market?

In addition to knowing what stocks are, to invest in this market it is essential to know each of its…

14 Aug: What is an investor profile?

To start investing, the first step is to know your per fil investor, also known as suitability. It is defined based on a…

14 Aug: What are investments?

Investment is the purchase of a financial product with the aim of making a profit in the future. This return is…

14 Aug: How to start investing?

Now that you know the types of investments, you are ready to start investing. Stay tuned for the following tips and get ready to start…

14 Aug: What are the types of investments?

After discovering your investor profile, it’s time to keep an eye on the types of investments. But first, to help you understand…

13 Aug: What is opportunity reserve and how to make the best use of it

The investment market is unpredictable and therefore a good chance to invest can arise at any time. To try to…

13 Aug: 5 Novice Investor Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Starting to invest in the financial market brings opportunities, but it also poses some challenges. For the beginning investor, there are situations…


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